• Length : 10.22 m / 34 feet
  • Beam : 3.14 m (10feet)
  • Depth : 0,8 m (2’7”)
  • Displacement : Ca 5 600 kg
  • Max Speed : Ca 21Knots
  • Engine : 160-315 HP
  • Hull/Deck :
  • CE Class : IMCE category C, 8persons

It has beendeveloped through transforming Daf 34, which is the most favorite model of the series, intoLobster boats, which have been popularly used and manufactured throughout the world in recentyears. This model is manufacturedwiththe name "Hard Top", wheredisadvantages of Lobster boat sareobserved and attempted to be eliminated as far as possible.
2 bighatchcoverplaced on ceilingpart of Hard Top not onlygivesthefeeling of an opensportsboatduringjourney but alsoprovides a greatcomfort in warmweathers.

Havingthesamefeatures as Daf 34 model, thisboat is presentedtosea-loverswith a moresportiveand modern typegivingupitspreviousclassicalmood. It is one of uniqueLobstermodels in whichrearchamber can be added in itsdockwhenrequired.
GRP (epoxy) andwooden body alternativesarepresentedoptionally. Singleanddouble engine optionsarealsorelevant in this model; speed of 18 seamileswith a single engine of 160 hp is possiblewhile 24 seamiles is providedwithtwoengines of 240 hp, which there by offers comfort and performances imultaneously.

Theboatdesignedby VRİPACK YACHT DİZAYN is onlymanufacturedfor DAVİNCİ YachtsCompanywhileallsalesandmarketingrights of theboatarereservedby DAVİNCİ YACHTS. Fordetailedinformationandcontact, please visit www.davinciyachts.com